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New York TV and Movie Tour

Lights, Camera, Action! Take the New York TV and Movie Sites Tour to 60+ sites of your favorite movies and TV shows. See for yourself where your favorite actors, personalities and characters live, work, and play throughout NYC's historical neighborhoods. What a fantastic way to sightsee the City!
$61.00 $54.90

Sex and the City Hotspots

Follow in the footsteps of Sex and the City's ladies as they conquer New York City! Drink where they drink, shop where they shop, and gossip where they gossip. All tours are led by fact-filled and entertaining guides, and take place on luxury coach buses. During your tour you will see 40+ Sex and the City Hotspots.
$66.00 $59.40

Sopranos Sites

Do you want a real-life peak into the filming locations from The Sopranos? This guided bus tour begins in New York City and makes its way to the locations in New Jersey. Sightseeing on luxury coaches from NYC to the Jersey suburbs.
$72.00 $64.80